Recent Events

Lets have something relatively recent to start. LO’s Birthday was a couple of weeks ago. His First Birthday! Something to really celebrate! Really?!, he’s one, he has no idea what birthday is. I must say that I am definitely in that camp, I think this stems from my childhood. I grew up modestly, we weren’t …

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Welcome Back

So, where do I need to start (considering this is basically the third time I am starting this). Lets review; I need to continue with a bit of our backstory, understanding where we came from and why we decided to adopt in the first place. I would also like to explore some of out “growing …

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Somewhat overdue update.

We brought our little boy home two weeks tomorrow and damn, has it been a rollercoaster. Was not expecting there to be so so so many emotions involved, especially as neither of us are overly emotional people. The first few days were a dream, just like introductions. He was happy to be here with us, …

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